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A Creative Merchandise Marketing Agency
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Tera Enterprises
is a one stop, full service
Merchandise Marketing Agency.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and delivering
unique merchandise which generates excitement, communicates
a message, increases retention, and drives your customers to act.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Strategic Marketing Merchandise
• Graphic Design and Layout
• Product Design and Development (2D and 3D)
• Medical Education Models
• Medical Illustrations and Copy
• Wearables (Incl. Imprinting)
• In-service Items
• Fulfillment and Direct Mail
• Print and Packaging
• Manufacturing and Production Management
• Shipping and Distribution (Worldwide)
• Sourcing (Domestic and Global)


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Tera Enterprises
If your item doesn’t exist, don’t worry, we’ll create it for you!
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