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Case Study #2:
Portable Cooler Grill

portable cooler grill

Challenge: Tera Enterprises received a challenge from an alcoholic beverage company to design a unique display enhancer. The item would be used in grocery, retail and liquor stores to draw attention to the company's alcohol displays during the football / tailgating season. The display enhancer needed to be creative and non-existent in the market place.

Solution: Portable Cooler Grill

Key components of the Portable Cooler Grill:
• One cooler to hold beverages
• One cooler to hold food
• Convenient portable grill located in the middle of the two coolers
• Rubber wheels and telescopic handle for easy transportation

Numerous tailgating display enhancer ideas were presented (trailer hitch umbrellas, chairs, picnic tables, canopies, etc…) but the Portable Cooler Grill beat them all! The item was a big hit due to its unique design, portability, practical use, and because it did not exist anywhere else. It definitely draws attention to any display!

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