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Case Study #1:
Allergy Management Center


Challenge: A pharmaceutical company challenged Tera Enterprises to design a vehicle focused on allergy care with a short in-hands date. The objective of the piece was to assist physicians and their staff with easy access to educational information for their patients.

Solution: Allergy Management Center

Key components included:
• Rebate Certificate
• CD
• Information Patient Brochures
• “Convenience” Item with an Allergy Theme (ex. Tissues)
• Business Reply Card to join an Allergy Info Service

Tera Enterprises designed many Allergy Management Center
concepts which could be used in high traffic waiting rooms.
Following a presentation of the many designs, the client decided
upon one of the options (pictured left). Working closely with the
client, Tera Enterprises moved forward with production, fulfillment
and delivered the Allergy Management Centers on time. The item
was a big hit as it motivated the medical staff in speaking to
patients about their allergies and provided ways to assist them.

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